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Be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you. ~ Ovid

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Anonymous asked: John Watson stood shirtless in the middle of 221b wearing only a kilt and a smile. He shifted nervously as he heard his lover's footsteps on the stairs and hoped that Sherlock liked what he saw. John hadn't expected his flatmate to be rendered speechless at the mere sight of him but he was pleased with the result. Sherlock quickly shed his coat and scarf before kneeling in front of his blogger. When all was said and done John was determined to wear the Watson family tartan much more often.

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Filed under Anonymous kilt kink yes i have one god what are my emotions i love my people my people who know me so well and of all the things to make me tear up this did because i know exactly who sent this and i know she knows me so well and combined with the other lovely anon who i know exactly who that was as well my ladies i love you both thank you

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