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Be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you. ~ Ovid

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These are the rules ( but we all know they were meant to be broken):

Rule One: Always post the rules // Rule Two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones // Rule Three: Tag 11 people and link them to the post // Rule Four: Actually tell them you tagged them.

1. Favourite Number: 23 (I don’t really have one, just whenever I see this question that’s the number that pops into my head)

2. What happened the last time your foot fell asleep? I was sitting with it tucked under my leg, writing fan fic. When I got up I had to walk it off instead of stomping it like I normally do, because the boyo was asleep.

3. Do you like pistachio gelato? Is pistachio gelato green? (hint: yes)

4. What’s your least favourite book you’ve ever finished? Oh geeze. Um…Generally if I don’t like a book I don’t finish it, so probably something from a high school reading list. I may have deleted it.

5. Do you believe in the power of unicorns? Yes, and dragons, griffins, kelpies, sphinxes, and various other magical beasts.

6. What do you daydream about most often? This is going to sound horrible being parent, but to just get away and what it would be like to be single and child free again. To have the money to be able to travel when and where I wanted to, doing things I never got to when I had the chance. To not have to answer to anyone but myself or whichever friend I had tagging along. But, honestly, I think that most parents daydream about that sort of thing. Because it’s an escape that we can create in our heads for a small time.

7. Frequent nightmare material includes what? Loss of my son, end of the world, being trapped in various ways.

8. Bach or Mozart? Schubert! (because I can’t choose between the two)

9. French or German? French food, German beer.

10. Have you got any Game Show ideas? Now that’s a question you don’t hear every day. Uh…no, no I don’t.

11. Who is the very last person who made you laugh? The boyo. His laugh is infectious.

Now for 11 random questions:

1) You can rewrite one day in history (your own or the world’s). Which day and why?

2) Find the closest book to you (or the first fan fic in your bookmarks): Why I should read it?

3) Aquamarine or Indigo?

4) You can ask your favorite celebrity 3 questions. Who do you ask and what are they?

5) Where do you go to relax?

6) Do you have a ghost story? If so, tell me.

7) Without using color, describe your eyes to me.

8) Favorite season.

9) Ocean or mountains?

10) Something that never fails to make you laugh.

11) So you can get your payback, which ONE of these questions do you want me to answer and I’ll send you the reply in an ask if you tag me.

Tagging people in the tags, obviously you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. 

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Forgotten Fanfic Friday


There’s two I’d like to post here, but I think I’ll post the lesser known one first:

Doomsday at 221B - The so-called ghosts have been appearing for months, but when one suddenly appears in 221B and takes Sherlock, it’s up to John to rescue him, with a little help from Mycroft.

It’s a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover I originally wrote for superwholockthecomic fanwork friday.

But mostly I just wanted to write John Watson facing down a Dalek.

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Forgotten fan fic friday


I wanted to join in on this even though i’m pretty new to writing as it’s such a lovely idea. Also it’s 4.30 in the morning here and I can’t sleep! What better to do than talk about fan fic!

My offereing is What I See When I Look In The Mirror

This one isn’t so much forgotten (i only started writing a few months ago) but it gets less attention than the other fics in the series - nevertheless I still think it is sweet. 

It’s Johnlock fluff  (established relationship) based on a newspaper article asking celebrities to describe what they see when they look in the mirror (it’s a real feature in the Guardian Newspaper). Sherlock is negative about himself and John tries to tell him how attractive he is.

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#forgotten fan fic friday meme

So, this is one of the very first things I wrote, and I love this little series to bits even now. 

Running in earnest through the hedges, he knew his quarry would soon be caught.

He could almost hear the rushed thoughts of light terror running through the cold evening air.

"I will get you yet…Do not believe you have out foxed me. I know these gardens like the back of my hands John Hamish!"

The Chase

It’s a fun masquerade ball themed series that I would love to one day add to. (Adds to list of things to do) Has Johnlock, Mystrade, and a sweet threesome pairing (with it’s mirror re-written as a John-pov with just him and Sherlock for those of you do not do the three-or-more) Maybe I will get to that Anthea/Molly after all…


If you follow me, and you are a fic writer, please consider yourself tagged

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Forgotten Fan Fic Friday


I don’t really feel hard done by in terms of reader appreciation, but this is a fun idea.

So I am throwing this into the ring: TARDIS knows best

It is a fluffy little Johnlock fic, written as a Christmas present. It contains references to Doctor Who, but you don’t really have to watch the show to understand the story. If you have been on tumblr then you probably know who the last doctor was, what the blue box is, who runs DW right now and where the show is filmed. And even if you don’t know that, I think there is enough in there for you to figure it out. There is a little bit of breaking the fourth wall, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

If you write fic and you follow me, consider yourself tagged! Show us what ya’ got!

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dude, being addicted to fanfiction is so weird. You stay in front of your computer for hours a day reading different versions of those same characters falling in love and fucking again, again, again and again. And yet, we’re looking for more, creating more, making fanarts because, apparently, nothing in the world is more fulfilling than fictional love, the love we cannot have. That’s either inspiring or unsettling. Or both.

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#forgottenfanficfriday! (look at this) because some A+ talented people I follow (hint hint stitchlock and wearitcounts I love you both so much keep on being so awesome you two) are trying to spread the word about this and signal boost it!

so honestly I’m just happy that people are reading my fics AT ALL, and seriously every kudos or comment I get on any of them is absolutely wonderful, but I do have one that for some reason hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as my other Sherlock ones.

it’s called Save the Last Dance For Me and it’s not my best fic and it probably  needs some editing (which I will someday get around to), but I still think it’s a good angsty one-shot fic about Sherlock teaching John how to dance. I cried writing it, but you know. so if you wanna go read it go for it man and please please tell me what you think

and if you follow me and you’re also a fic writer, please feel free to participate and consider yourself tagged! I wanna see some great fics my lovelies!  

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Manueluv and I are convinced Agent K is Coulson’s father. Hell, MIB is even owned by Marvel. 

Welp. Never gonna unsee this.



Guys - who do you think told Phil all those stories about Cap?


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Forgotten Fanfic Friday - Lopov


Lopov on AO3

Rating: Mature
Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Category: Gen
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Relationships: Mycroft Holmes & Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Original Male Character(s), John Watson
Additional Tags: Sherlock Whump, Torture, Mycroft To The Rescue, Protective Mycroft, Mycroft Being a Good Brother, Big Brother Mycroft, Mycroft Feels, Sherlock-centric, Only sort-of John

Summary: Sherlock’s plans in Serbia go awry and Mycroft must step in. What might have happened in Serbia.

Pure Sherlock whump with big brother to the rescue.

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