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Be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you. ~ Ovid

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Okay, I shall put this out to you lovely folks.  Should I go ahead and post the next chapter of A Light in the Gloam now, or wait until later this evening? What’s the best time for posting on AO3?

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I was feeling a bit sad, so I read your story again, and now I am smiling. My heart is happy. Thank you.”  ~comment left on The Importance of Torn Papers 

Comments like this make my heart swell.  To know that somehow, I played a small part in helping to make someone feel better when they were having a tough time…It’s not the main reason I write, but damn is it a good motivator.

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(grin) Because here we are, contumaciously posting and reblogging while over 30. (Or 20. Or 15.)

Reblog, if you like, and display with pride.

ETA: Here’s another version of the graphic for those who prefer something a little subtler.

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John arguing about the semantic difference and its implications between “previous” and “ex” but people don’t think he knows what he’s doing when he says “not gay” instead of “straight”

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Anonymous asked: Around the time Sherlock discovered the eightieth sex toy he returned to the bedroom and split the toys into two piles before further prioritizing them. "What are you doing?" John asked somewhat puzzled but very turned on. "It occurred to me that I should really be sorting these into two categories, things I want you to use on me and things I want to use on you," Sherlock said as he finished with the toys he's already found. John hoped the sex swing was in the "for him to use on Sherlock" pile.

I literally did the universal “YES!” fist pump when I read this.

Part 1

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