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221 Mint

For atomic-buttfuck. Their prompt was Mint.

“John! John!” Sherlock shouted from the bathroom. “Come here immediately! It’s an emergency!”

John sighed as he folded the paper and set it it down on the table next to his chair.  This was the “third” emergency this week. The first had been a spoiled experiment that had managed to stick Sherlock’s hands together, the second had been Sherlock running out of hair product.

“Joohn!” Sherlock shouted again.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” John shouted back down the hallway.

“Bring my coat!” Sherlock called back, his voice more urgent than before.

“Fine, fine, fine,” John muttered as he doubled back to grab the garment.

John yanked on the door, but found it locked. “How the hell am I supposed to give you your coat if the door is locked?” he said, exasperated, but the answer he received was just a soft thud. Concern spike through John. He pushed against it hard with his shoulder. He managed to force it open and found a barely conscious Sherlock.

“Inside—pocket,” Sherlock gasped. John reached in the coat pocket and pulled out an epi-pen. He did a double take as he recognized the look of anaphylaxis. John jammed the pin into Sherlock’s leg before asking what the allergen was.

“The new toothpaste, I should have checked. It’s mint.” Sherlock gasped out as the epinephrine took effect.

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Anonymous asked: "Where the hell have you been?" Harry shouted at Sherlock when he and John finally arrived back at 221b around lunch time. "Having make up sex," Sherlock said smugly. "Yeah Harry, it's nice that you're here but this surprise of yours almost ruined our relationship," John told his sister. "What? Why?" Harry asked. "It's not important," John replied, "so what's the big surprise?" "Clara and I are expecting," Harry said pleased, "we were hoping you and Sherlock would be the baby's godparents."

Happy godparents are happy.


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read these, trust me :3

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The way John looks at Sherlock





imagehold me END ME

I would like to add this one


The second to last one will break your heart.

I know I keep reblogging these but I just keep thinking of Martin Freeman saying to take out the lines because he’ll do it in a look. Martin Freeman knows what he’s doing with *looks.* He’s not accidentally looking like this, he’s doing all of it on purpose. 

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Anonymous asked: "Why is my sister texting you?" John asked having disturbed Sherlock's trip into his mind palace to get some answers. "It's a surprise," Sherlock told him. "Why?" John asked. "Telling you would, by definition, ruin the surprise," Sherlock replied. "Telling me it's a surprise has already ruined the surprise," John challenged. "Not necessarily," Sherlock said rolling his eyes. "Fine, when you're ready to talk about this like adults let me know!" John said and walked out of 221b.


omg hahhahahaahahha XD

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